EAGLE Briefings 2020

eagle-briefing-april-2020-public.pdf, 410.36 KB
  • Despite the Corona pandemic, the EAGLE teams pulled through and forward. 8 traffickers arrested this month
  • 4 traffickers arrested with a leopard skin in Cameroon
  • A pangolin scale trafficker arrested with 50 kg of pangolin scales in Cameroon
  • A trafficker arrested in Cameroon with a young mandrill
  • 2 primate traffickers arrested in Cameroon with another young and wounded mandrill
  • At least 144 media pieces were published in the countries as a result of the effort of the media officers spreading the message about the link between the illegal wildlife trade and the Covid-1 pandemic
  • 5 international media quoted EAGLE in articles on the same topic
eagle-briefing-march-2020-public.pdf, 618.22 KB
  • The work of many projects has been limited by strict measures taken by governments to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic
  • 5 traffickers arrested in two countries
  • An ivory trafficker arrested with 6 tusks in Gabon
  • 4 traffickers, one of them wanted for 18 different crimes including drugs trafficking, arrested with 20 kg of hippo teeth and 2 skulls in Senegal
  • EAGLE Côte d’Ivoire team assisted to the burning of the 3 tons of pangolin scales seized in 2017 during an EAGLE Côte d’Ivoire arrest.
eagle-briefing-february-2020-public.pdf, 645.31 KB
  • 7 wildlife traffickers arrested in 4 countries
  • A trafficker arrested with 5 large leopard skins in Cameroon
  • 3 ivory traffickers arrested in Gabon in two operations
  • An Algerian parrot trafficker arrested at the airport in Senegal with 131 Senegal parrots
  • 2 leopard skin traffickers arrested with a leopard skin in Benin
eagle-briefing-january-2020-public.pdf, 398.21 KB
  • 8 ivory traffickers arrested in Gabon this month
  • 2 ivory traffickers, one of them corrupt military man, arrested with two tusks
  • 3 ivory traffickers, one of them a teacher, arrested with 7 tusks
  • 3 ivory traffickers including a repeat offender arrested with 2 tusks