Congo - PALF

PALF is the result of the acknowledgement in conservation of the need for a paradigm shift. Closer followup is indispensable, from the investigations and operations, to trials and all the way to the sentencing and the application of penalties. Since 2008, PALF has been supporting the Ministry of Forest Economy and the Sustainable Development (MEFDD) in this regard, under the auspices of its Consortium, composed of The Aspinall Foundation (TAF) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). This Consortium signed a relevant Memorandum of Understanding with the MEFDD in 2010 and since then, PALF has followed over three hundred wildlife cases across the Congo and assisted in training members and prospective members of the EAGLE Network from across the African continent.

Perrine Odier was appointed PALF coordinator in 2016. She lead the team for four years, putting many siignificant traffickers behind the bars. After she decided to leave in 2020,Tiffany Gobert was appointed a new PALF coordinator to continue the work. In 2023 she left and Jules Dovi, the former coordinator of EAGLE Benin, replaced her.