Eric Tah

Tah Eric Kaba

Eric Tah is the Deputy Director and Head of the Media and External Relations Department of LAGA, and has worked in several places.

"I first came into contact with the serious problem of wildlife extinction orchestrated by greedy illegal wildlife traders some few years back when I had to go on mission shortly after volunteering to work with the Communication Department of LAGA. When I arrived in  Abong Mbang, a small town located at some 150 kilometres from Yaounde the capital of Cameroon that evening, I was on my first field assignment with the Communication Department of LAGA. I had to shoot photos of gorilla parts that had been butchered from a poached gorilla. I stared at the head that had been chopped off the gorilla and it stared back with a still blank stare. My stare was alive and his dead. It had been smoked and stored in a deep freezer ready for trade. Since then I have been fighting this illegal trade while learning and understanding other problems of our society. Other problems which must be equally confronted. It takes just the efforts of one determined and committed citizen to make a change".