Lydia Nsubuga

Lydia has joined EAGLE Uganda in 2019 as an accountant, but quickly she proved her leadership qualities, competency, fairness and commitment. In 2021, after the team’s first successful arrest operation, she has been appointed Assistant Coordinator.

“I grew up a church girl and regardless of my academic journey I am still pursuing my professional certification in accounts,  a BA of Science in Accounting & Finance Diploma in Accounts, Certificate in Counseling & Psychology. My passion for a community based approached to addressing problems, with a zeal to help others took toll of me and led me to:

  • Mobilizing a charity movement which collects used items ranging from clothes, shoes, kitchen ware to food and disbursing them to people and places affected by natural disasters like land slides, floods, famine etc
  • Embarking on a ‘one at a time’ movement involved in educating the poorest or the poor (25 children) with a  belief that Africa can break the circle of illiteracy & poverty through local mobilization and sharing the little we can… a pen, a pencil, a book, a peny...

My love for activism draws back to the 90’s while high school began singing songs against early child marriages, in 2015, I participated in the fight against the stigmatization of HIV/AIDS positive  persons. This saw me cross borders and sensitize communities.

Having partially done literature during my early years at high school, I loved poetry only to let it go with the transitions of life.

Animals and the animal world had never been my thing until I lost my very first dog as a family, the attachment, the bonding, the wild in the dog, the affection, the silent communication through its eyes… ‘calling out for HELP! to its death was my turning point. I had been to the wild and I love the wild. But the silent, unwritten, tears the wild releases has never received  attention and this has slowly driven me  slowly driven me back to poetry as a way to ‘SPEAK OUT’ the TEARS of the WILD.

I have joined EAGLE Uganda in 2019 - and a year down the road I advocated for the rights of 3 children that were neglected by their parents. I was working hand in hand with respective government agencies only to reach a dead end.

EAGLE has given me the GREEN LIGHT to speak for the most dangerous yet quiet majority... The Wild”

“TEARS of the WILD”

I am beautifully created

We compliment each other

Proud of my shelter, its my perfect den

Engulfed with energy……to protect my kind

When my friend turns their back

The freedom to live becomes a chance

The tears of the Wild.

I am disrespected, when my privacy is encroached on

I am poisoned, shot at, hacked with machetes, trapped in my free time

I am Helpless for I neither posses the same for warfare.

I am helpless, when my next generation is orphaned

I plead with you, I fight for my life, I sometimes fight back

Just because I need my freedom

Understand my fears, understand

The tears of wild