EAGLE Briefings 2015

eagle-briefing-december-2015-public.pdf, 516.42 KB
  • 17 traffickers arrested in 5 countries
  • 2 ivory traffickers arrested in Gabon with 206 kg of ivory – the largest amount in the country´s history
  • 3 ape skulls traffickers arrested in Cameroon with total of 20 chimp skulls and 3 gorilla skulls.
  • 5 ivory traffickers arrested in Congo with 35 kg of Ivory
  • Togo’s ANCE / TALFF received the award for its fight for the right to a healthy environment
eagle-briefing-november-2015-public.pdf, 572.85 KB
  • 34 wildlife and forest criminals were arrested this month in 5 countries
  • 4 significant ape traffickers arrested in Guinea and 2 chimp babies rescued
  • 3 ivory traffickers arrested in Gabon with 6 tusks
  • 4 leopard skin traffickers arrested in Gabon
  • 8 forest criminals arrested in Gabon in continuing crack down operations against illegal logging
  • Two pangolin scales traffickers arrested in Cameroon, one in the entrance of the airport with a 100 kg
  • An ape trafficker arrested in Cameroon with 18 primate skulls
  • 5 traffickers arrested in Uganda, with 35 kg of pangolin scales, an elephant trunk and colobus monkey skins
  • 4 forest criminals arrested in Togo for illegal logging
  • The EAGLE Network was mentioned by the Secretary General of CITES in his opening speech to the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption
eagle-briefing-novembre-2015-public-fr.pdf, 561.74 KB
  • 34 criminels de faune sauvage et de forêt ont été arrêté ce mois-ci dans 5 pays
  • 4 importants trafiquants de grand-singes ont été arrêté en Guinée et 2 bébé chimpanzés ont été sauvés
  • 3 trafiquants d’ivoire arrêtés au Gabon avec 6 défenses
  • 4 trafiquants de peaux de léopard arrêtés au Gabon
  • 8 criminels de forêt arrêtés au Gabon lors d’opérations continues contre la déforestation illégale
  • 2 trafiquants d’écailles de Pangolin arrêtés au Cameroun, un à l’entrée de l’aéroport avec 100kg.
  • Un trafiquant de grand-singe arrêté au Cameroun avec 18 crânes de primates
  • 5 trafiquants arrêtés en Uganda, avec 35 kg d’écailles de pangolin, une trompe d’éléphant et des peaux de singes colobus
  • 3 trafiquants d’oiseaux arrêtés avec 4 perroquets timneh, 2 pélicans blancs et 10 tortues
  • 4 criminels de forêt arrêtés au Togo pour déforestation illégale
  • Le réseau EAGLE a été mentionné par le secrétaire générale de la CITES dans son discours
  • d’ouverture de a conférence des parties à la convention de l’ONU contre la corruption
eagle-briefing-october-2015-public.pdf, 401.51 KB
  • 44 wildlife and forest criminals were arrested this month
  • 26 criminals arrested for illegal logging in Gabon, 3 of them will be prosecuted for corruption, 4 of them Chinese Nationals
  • A corrupt police officer arrested in Uganda for covering activities of an arrested wildlife trafficker
  • 4 significant ivory traffickers arrested in Cameroon, one of them a repeat offender
  • 5 leopard skin traffickers arrested in Gabon
  • 3 foreign ivory traffickers arrested in Benin with 20 kg raw ivory
  • 5 traffickers arrested in Uganda with Giant pangolins and hippo teeth
  • Vietnamese ivory trafficker and his partner, behind a 3.8 tonnes shipment – largest seizure in West Africa’s history - gets two years imprisonment in Togo
eagle-briefing-september-2015-public.pdf, 511.01 KB
  • A significant international live animals trafficker arrested in Senegal uncovering several large international networks of surprising magnitude.
  • 2 ape traffickers arrested in two operations in Cameroon with ape skulls and a live threatened primate
  • 4 traffickers arrested in two operations in Benin with 40 sea turtle shells
  • A trafficker arrested in Uganda with 33 kg of hippo ivory
  • A LAGA activist participated at Elephant Summit in Jackson Hole, USA
eagle-briefing-august-2015-public.pdf, 487.22 KB
  • 27 traffickers arrested in 6 countries
  • The former head of CITES in Guinea - Ansoumane Doumbouya – arrested
  • Thierno Barry, a big international trafficker involved in the illegal trade in CITES species arrested
  • 4 international ivory traffickers arrested in Togo with 8 tusks
  • 7 traffickers arrested in Uganda with leopard and cheetah skins and other contraband
  • 2 traffickers arrested in Cameroon with 2 chimp and 2 gorilla skulls and an elephant tooth
  • 3 traffickers arrested in Benin with 15 sea turtles shells
  • 3 leopard skins traffickers arrested in Gabon
eagle-briefing-august-2015-public-fr.pdf, 489.76 KB
  • 27 trafiquants arrêtés dans 6 pays
  • L’ancien dirigeant de la CITES en Guinée – Ansoumane Doumbouya – a été arrêté
  • Thierno Barry, un grand trafiquant international impliqué dans le commerce illégal d’espèces CITES a été arrêté
  • 4 trafiquants internationaux d’ivoire arrêtés au Togo avec 8 défenses
  • 7 trafiquants arrêtés en Ouganda avec des peaux de léopards et de guépards et autres contrebande
  • 2 trafiquants arrêtés au Cameroun avec 2 crânes de chimpanzés et 2 de gorilles et une dent d’éléphant
  • 3 trafiquants arrêtés au Bénin avec 15 carapaces de tortues de mer
  • 3 trafiquants de peaux de léopards arrêtés au Gabon
eagle-briefing-july-2015-public.pdf, 881.22 KB
  • 16 traffickers arrested in 6 countries
  • 5 traffickers arrested in Benin in 2 operations, almost 200 skins of protected animals seized
  • An ivory trafficker arrested in Togo with 2 elephant tusks
  • A police officer arrested in Congo for trafficking leopard skin
  • 2 ape traffickers arrested in Cameroon with 4 chimpanzee skulls
  • A case of 1 tonne of ivory seized in Uganda followed by EAGLE Uganda
  • Saidou Mamadou Barry, the coordinator of GALF, has been awarded the GRASP Ian Redmond Conservation Award
eagle-briefing-june-2015-public.pdf, 473.2 KB
  • 39 traffickers arrested in 6 countries
  • 13 traffickers arrested in Uganda, 9 of them trafficking pangolin scales
  • 7 traffickers arrested in Cameroon, 3 of them trafficking ivory
  • 9 ivory traffickers arrested in Gabon
  • 7 international traffickers of elephant hair bracelets arrested in Senegal
eagle-briefing-may-2015-public.pdf, 609.14 KB
  • 15 wildlife criminals arrested in 4 countries
  • Gabon: 7 wildlife criminals arrested with ivory
  • Cameroon: 2 traffickers arrested with chimp skulls, pangolin scales, hippo skull and ivory
  • Congo: 2 traffickers arrested with 2 chimp skulls and 7 threatened pangolins
  • Togo: A trafficker arrested with fresh water and sea turtles
eagle-briefing-april-2015-public.pdf, 573.4 KB
  • 13 significant wildlife traffickers arrested in 4 countries
  • Total of 18 traffickers sentenced to prison this month.
  • Cameroon: 2 ape traffickers arrested with 4 gorilla skulls
  • Gabon: 2 ivory traffickers arrested with 2 tusks
  • Guinea: 2 ape traffickers arrested and prosecuted, baby chimp rescued
  • Benin: 2 traffickers arrested with 150 live Royal Pythons and pangolin scales
  • The President of the Republic of Congo mentioned PALF in his opening speech at the ivory burning ceremony as an effective way of fighting against illegal wildlife trade
  • EAGLE Network website launched
eagle-breefing-march-2015-public.pdf, 619.35 KB
  • 22 significant traffickers arrested this month
  • Gabon: Ivory trafficker arrested with 12 tusks and rapidly sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for wildlife crime and corruption attempts.
  • Togo: Huge quantities of West African Manatee bones seized from arrested specialized trafficker;
  • Benin: 150 wildlife contrabands of 20 different species seized, two traffickers arrested.
  • Congo: Sniffer dogs hit again, marijuana uncovered in luggage 35 km to Brazzaville;
  • Uganda: Major trafficker arrested with 128 kg of giant pangolin scales and proof for trading in rhino horns and ivory;
  • Guinea: Saidou Barry appointed GALF coordinator after a trip to Congo within the framework of EAGLE exchange programme;
  • Cameroon: One year jail term to ivory trafficker
eagle-breefing-february-2015-public.pdf, 676.25 KB
  • 20 significant traffickers arrested this month.
  • Uganda: Replication launched with first wildlife law enforcement operation; two traffickers in hippo ivory and buffalo horns arrested.
  • Congo: Two Chinese arrested for pangolin scales and ivory trafficking; one arrested for bribery and rearrested after attempts at escaping through the airport.
  • Togo: Over 150 royal pythons seized and two traffickers arrested.
  • Cameroon: Retired public official arrested for elephant parts trafficking
eagle-report-january-2014-public.pdf, 555.55 KB
  • 24 major traffickers arrested this month.
  • Cameroon arrest of the head of a local hunting association exposes links between legal hunting and illegal trade.
  • Lawyer of Ministry of Forest arrested in Congo trafficking a leopard skin.
  • More than 200 Kg of ivory seized from arrested traffickers this month
report-december-2014-public.pdf, 491.24 KB
  • Milestone first ever EAGLE Network meeting held in Benin representing 8 countries.
  • Cameroon: Four trafficker sentenced in December.
  • Congo: PALF’s Sniffer Dogs Unit has been activated for large-scale bushmeat seizures.
  • Guinea: Two ape traffickers arrested in Conakry and a baby chimp rescued.
  • Benin: 2 traffickers arrested including a sea turtle trafficker and a leopard and python skin trafficker.
  • Togo: An ivory trafficker with ivory bracelets was arrested
report-november-2014-public.pdf, 350.28 KB
  • Cameroon: 24 traffickers behind bars, arrest of 3 ape traffickers with 13 ape skulls.
  • Congo: 7 traffickers were arrested during operations that included an army Lieutenant, another military man and a Customs official.
  • Gabon: 3 arrested for ivory trafficking and 2 arrested for shark fin trafficking.
  • Guinea: 6 traffickers were arrested in two bushmeat operations, an emphasis for the Ebola stricken nation.
  • Recruitment for new EAGLE Central Coordination Unit has started
report-october-2014-public.pdf, 228.39 KB
  • Cameroon: 8 traffickers arrested in 5 operations, International ape trafficking exposed
  • Congo:3 ivory traffickers arrested, 2 leopard skin traffickers behind bars
  • Gabon: 4 ivory traffickers arrested, one leopard skins trafficker behind bars
  • Senegal: 5 traffickers arrested in a crackdown on an international skins trade center seizing 2,753 animal parts.
  • EAGLE Founding Directors met in Nairobi to kickstart the network