Cecile Bloch

She has never been able to imagine her life without animals, so she naturaly dedicated all her professional life to them. After graduating as a sport trainer, she worked as a riding instructor for 25 years, including 8 years in Senegal and Cameroon. Cecile´s deep love for Africa and especially its fauna turned her attention to the wildlife and she participated at a scientific research rediscovering the presence of the African wolf in Senegal (Canis lupus lupaster) in 2010. As a wildlife photographer, she traveled across Africa and used her knowledge in veterinary to raise many African wild animals until their recovery.
She joined the large family of EAGLE Network when she became a coordinator assistant of EAGLE Senegal project, led by WARA in January 2015; in January 2017 she became the coordinator of the project.

Cecile shares her values with EAGLE Network. Wildlife crime is a plague, exploiting the wildlife in barbaric and illegal way, its illegal international trade is evil, generating economic and security instability. An elephant lives about 60 years; each one can give work during this period to more than 20 African families working in conservation and sustainable tourism area. An elephant shot in 10 minutes for its ivory brings profit to a foreign ivory trader and one poacher. More seriously, this massacre often finances the activities of African terrorist groups. Being in love with Africa and its people Cecile feels obliged to defend this noble being by law enforcement and good governance. The mission of EAGLE Senegal is a daily struggle but the team´s determination is unshakeable. The traffickers, always playing tricks to hide their activities and enrich themselves illegally, and corruption with dirty money and influence peddling are the biggest challenges to stop international wildlife trafficking.