Ian Redmond Award 2013

The GRASP-Ian Redmond Conservation Awards were created to encourage innovation, inspire leadership, and offer hope in the field of great ape conservation in Africa and Asia. They honor British conservationist Ian Redmond, OBE, who helped establish GRASP in 2001, and this award is supported by the Born Free Foundation and Conservation International.

The 1st GRASP - Ian Redmond Conservation Award winners are dedicated Africans and Asians whose accomplishments can inspire the next generation of conservationists, and encourage young men and women to take an active role in the survival of the great apes in their areas.

Arrey Emmanuel Enow was one of the awarded activists. He promotes wildlife law enforcement through the Last Great Ape Organization (LAGA) in Cameroon. Through informants and the establishment of a hotline, his work targets the chain of illegal animal trade and his team pushes for maximum prosecution in these difficult cases.