EAGLE Togo has started in the beginning of 2017 to fight for law enforcement in wildlife crime. Togo, small in size and wild animal populations, has put itself firmly on the map of wildlife trafficking. The only deep sea port in West Africa, a hub for regional flights and a lack of wildlife law enforcement have made Togo an attractive transit country for illegal wildlife products. In support of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Resources (MERF), investigations are carried out to locate key figures in this trade, operations are carried out with the local bodies of law enforcement, legal support aims to prevent attempts of corruption and a thorough process, before media is used as an instrument to inform and deter the Togolese society. In the end, EAGLE Togo aims to wipe Togo from the map of wildlife trafficking.

Darius Tcheyi has joined the group of activists of the EAGLE Togo Project as Legal Advisor. In 2021 he was promoted to be the Assistant Coordinator of the project.