Darius Tcheyi

Darius P. Tcheyi obtained master’s degree in public law at the University of Kara. In 2012 – 2015 he worked as a volunteer in the management of human resources and mobilization of local resources in a community in Northern Togo in the prefecture of Kpendjal, sometimes called “the sixth continent of Togo”. During these three years each time he travelled through this savannah landscape, he could observe how the wildlife species were disappearing from his country. No more were they crossing the roads.

He was defending human rights and particularly rights of women who became victims of violation and abuse, but he also passionately engaged in the fight against crime related to endangered wildlife species. From 2015 to 2017, Darius stood out in the defense of women's rights within the Women's Democracy and Development Reflection and Action Group (GF2D). In January 2017, he joined Ofir Drori at EAGLE Togo for the real fight against wildlife crime by ensuring law enforcement and the fight against corruption.

Darius has joined the group of activists of the EAGLE Togo Project as Legal Advisor. In 2021 he was promoted to be the Assistant Coordinator of the project. Darius turned out to be a key team leader of the project. His main mission consists of assisting the Coordinator in his various tasks in coordinating and supervising the activities of the organization, directing the strategic direction to ensure adherence to values and principles, ensuring the sustainability of human resources and financial resources and the protection of norms and standards; and also guaranteeing the effective application of national and international laws and rules governing the wildlife sector (this includes CITES and other Conventions, laws and regulations specific to the wildlife sector, criminal laws, code of criminal procedure ), from the arrest of offenders to the application of court decisions.