EAGLE Briefings 2022

eagle-briefing-april-2022-public.pdf, 1.19 MB
  • 24 traffickers arrested in 6 countries
  • A trafficker arrested with 328 kg of pangolin scales in Côte d’Ivoire. A hit on an important trafficking network that had previously been targeted by law enforcement
  • 8 traffickers arrested with 476 kg pangolin scales in two crackdown operations on a pangolin scales trafficking network in Cameroon
  • 5 traffickers arrested in Gabon with 6 elephant tusks, 3 leopard skins, an elephant tail and 5 leopard teeth in two operations
  • 4 traffickers arrested in Burkina Faso with an elephant tusk and several carved ivory items, an elephant tail and 8 pieces of elephant hide, a hippo skull and teeth, 8 crocodile skins and more
  • 3 traffickers arrested with 2 leopard skins and 3 aardvark feet in Senegal
  • EAGLE Senegal and the General Directorate of the National Police of Senegal signed a partnership agreement to fight wildlife crime in the country
eagle-briefing-march-2022-public.pdf, 864.05 KB
  • 16 traffickers arrested in 4 countries
  • 6 traffickers arrested with 5 elephant tusks and chimpanzee meat in a crackdown on a criminal ring in the south of Cameroon
  • A traditional chief arrested and 2 baby chimps rescued in Cameroon. They were being held captive in iron cages.
  • A trafficker arrested with 5 tusks and an elephant tail in Côte d’Ivoire during the dismantling of an international trafficking ring
  • 3 traffickers arrested with 6 elephant tusks in Togo
  • 3 traffickers arrested with 2 tusks in Gabon
  • 2 traffickers arrested with 2 tusks in Gabon
eagle-briefing-february-2022-public.pdf, 768.08 KB
  • 14 traffickers arrested in 5 countries
  • 4 traffickers arrested in Congo with 14 elephant tusks during a series of arrests
  • 2 traffickers arrested in Côte d’Ivoire with 15 tusks near the Ghana border. The crackdown on this important ivory ring was filmed by BBC
  • A trafficker arrested in Cameroon with 246 kg of pangolin scales, and in a refrigerator more pangolins and monkey carcasses found
  • 2 traffickers arrested with a leopard skin and nine 12-gauge shotguns in Senegal
  • A trafficker arrested in Congo with 94 African Grey Parrots
  • A trafficker arrested with 2 tusks weighing 20kg in Gabon
  • 2 traffickers arrested with a leopard skin and a civet skin in Cameroon
  • A trafficker arrested in connection with ivory trafficking in Congo
eagle-briefing-january-2022-public.pdf, 267.29 KB
  • A trafficker arrested with 46kg of pangolin scales in Gabon. He is a French-born Gabonese who recently visited France.