Our Message

The EAGLE Network fights to trigger a paradigm shift in the international system. The key is to force Governments as NGOs to change the “business as usual” approach. Our international message is clear.

Message of the EAGLE Network:

  1. Shift focus from poachers to traffickers
  2. Set a national measurable indicator for enforcement - A major trafficker arrested, convicted and imprisoned at a rate of one per week.
  3. Fight corruption to get the law applied. (The obstacle to wildlife law enforcement is NOT lack of capacity but corruption). 
  4. Follow up the entire law enforcement process from investigations to jail visits to confirm execution of sentences, in a body-guard system against corruption.
  5. An NGO structure, slim, cost effective and dynamic can shift a country from zero wildlife law enforcement to a one-per-week enforcement rate.
  6. Acknowledge that to date, the conferences, seminars and training not only do not correlate with any tangible change but in our perspective is not compatible with action. All our results had nothing to do with any policy "processes".