EAGLE is not a technical institute in charge of mere execution of a program. We believe an NGO should foster activism and act in the spirit of fighting for a cause and undertake a secondary goal to produce activists and leaders to bring a positive change to their country beyond the service of the NGO.

It should instill specified values in its members. Staff are recruited not according to merely skills but examined in their values and potential to become independent activists. The rarest quality of personnel is honesty and the desire to bring a change in one’s country. Any recruit has to pass a period of volunteering where these aspects are thoroughly examined. The post in EAGLE is not be regarded as a job but as a mission and therefore demanding exceptional devotion, commitment, sacrifice, initiatives, and self discipline fitting a fight for a cause.

 Don’t give us money – Give us your activism.

If you cared enough to give a donation, there are better things you can do with this feeling.

Giving a donation is not the best you can do with this wonderful energy. Giving money is the easy way out because it releases the pressure to do more. Getting people to show passion for our cause, the last thing we ask them for is money, as we know the potential for their involvement and contribution to our cause with their talent and conviction is far higher.

You can either contact us to see how you can help with your talent or use it to do other things in the same spirit - It doesn’t have to be in Africa, it doesn’t have to be big, activism can start just outside your door.

Everybody is pissed off about something: a billboard put up in front of your house, a park in your neighborhood that was bulldozed, something you heard about on television. But we move on, we zap to another channel with the usual excuse – “nothing I can do”. But you can. The difference between an activist and a non-activist is understanding you have the ability to make a change.
There are so many things that are just waiting for you to come and change. If instead of using your dollars you use your time, if instead of donating you take action – writing a letter to a congressman, calling a radio talk show, convincing your neighbors to sign a petition, volunteer for an hour in the local school… - if you do that you will make us happier. You will give us much strength in our fight by writing us back with one action our work inspired you to take.

Do you want to join us in the forefront of fighting corruption and wildlife crime? We are looking for Supervolunteers.