Arrey Emmanuel Enow

Arrey Emmanuel Enow is the Interim Director of LAGA, Cameroon. In 2015 he was awarded Ian Redmond conservation Award. He is the author of several publications, like The Green Generation Book, AIDS Free Generation Book and The Path to Academic success.

He has undergone several trainings and have experience in divers fields.

He says about himself: “Volunteerism and activism is a part of me and these ties with the philosophy of LAGA which has kept me realizing my objectives. In my tradition, we believe in totems and these totems are endangered species. Protecting the endanger species is like conserving my culture, protecting my tradition and conserving the environment for the future generation. I believe to spend as more time as I can with the wonderful LAGA family where everyone wants to see a collective growth.”

Ofir Drori about The Green Generation Book:

“Arrey Emmanuel Enow offers the first of its kind effort to educate the new generation on the different contemporary aspects of the environmental crisis, as well as foster a sense of responsibility to protect our planet.

It is an introduction to burning environmental concerns and ecological friendly actions that can sustain the environment for future generations. It is envisaged that those who study with this book will become aware of the devastating consequences of their actions on earth, and, become more environmentally friendly. Ignorance and greed are the driving forces behind environmental degradation. This book is set to instill better values on which a society can be based and assimilate the protection of one’s surrounding to patriotism.”