Tiffany Gobert

Tiffany has been passionate about wildlife and fighting injustice since she was a young girl in France.

After doing her Masters in Project Management in Development and Humanitarian Action in Quebec, Canada, she did her internship in Bolivia in 2017 where she stayed for almost one year, working with an NGO taking care of trafficked wildlife. The next year she was taken on by WWF as a volunteer on their Primate Habituation Program in Dzangha Sangha, Central African Republic.  

The first experience enabled her to see first-hand the devastating consequences of wildlife trafficking and the incredible difficulties and often impossibility of reintroducing these traumatized animals into their natural habitat. The second showed her the beauty of raw nature by being able to follow groups of habituated gorillas in their natural habitat, accompanied by the local Bayaka people and discover the wonders of the almost untouched biodiversity of the Central African Republic. These two very different experiences affected her deeply and reinforced her determination to fight wildlife trafficking.

This is when she met Luc Mathot and discovered the EAGLE Network and the real, tangible results of its actions. After a 2-year recruitment process with many challenges, and training with different teams in the field, Tiffany has now become PALF coordinator in Congo.