A well-established ring of ivory traffickers crushed

4 significant ivory traffickers arrested with 6 tusks, one pair from a very young elephant. The well-established ring has been trafficking ivory between Congo and other countries like Cameroon, but also Middle East, for years. It was crushed after the arrest of 2 traffickers, the head of the ring and his deputy, who was organizing poachers and providing them with ammunition. They were arrested in the act with the ivory concealed in a bag. They confirmed that 2 other traffickers, who were already monitored by police, were also important members of the ring, so these were arrested as well. All 4 of them were involved in trafficking ivory for years, gaining significant illicit revenue. The 3 elephants were massacred in Sangha – the region with the largest forest elephant population in Congo.  An automatic assault rifle was also seized during the arrest. All 4 are behind bars awaiting trial.