EAGLE Network is looking for Activists

Join us in the forefront of fighting corruption and wildlife crime!

We are looking for people who are proactive, risk takers in taking initiative, responsible and have a high personal engagement to bring about change. We are looking for activists who will be courageous to tackle corruption and the inefficiencies in the International Aid system.  You will undergo intense and rigorous training in leadership, management and stress management in the field.  You must be committed to give your time for a minimum period of one [1] year and a commitment to a long term stay or duration. This is a highly selective programme which includes activism missions in three [3] countries in Central and West Africa.

Join us to live and operate in sub-Saharan Africa and become a part of a new generation of independent activists.

Essential conditions for applicants:

  • Self confidence
  • Strong ability to adapt to pressure and stress
  • Willing and able to live in basic conditions
  • Ability to take informed risks, enter and manage insecure and challenging situations
  • Creative thinking
  • Highly independent and able to travel alone in new regions
  • Strong resilience, tenacity and perseverance until results are achieved
  • Mental agility and a teachable attitude
  • Strong character and willing and able to lead and inspire teams
  • Strong personal value system, non-conformist and charismatic
  • Strong personal responsibility
  • Volunteering experience and strong activism spirit
  • Some experience of living, travelling and/or working in Africa, embracing diversity
  • Strong sense of implementing change

You should be able to speak English and French, be over 18 years and have experience living and working in Africa.

If you are interested in applying, contact Ofir Drori at e-mail: info@eagle-enforcement.org