Ivory trafficking and Poaching

A hard-hitting documentary on ConservationJustice’s work to combat ivory trafficking was launched.  Maxime Ginolin, an activist and a French film maker, and his partner Guillaume Martinez, cameraman, editor and composer, released the documentary that captures the impressive fieldwork to bring down the lucrative and far-reaching illegal ivory trade and reveals the underbelly of international trafficking. While in Gabon in May 2022, the two partners followed the Coordination Team and undercover informants as they risked their lives to help arrest the traffickers who have been slaughtering forest elephants for decades. Conservation Justice (the Gabon Team) was founded by Luc Mathot who is one of the Founding Directors of the EAGLE Network. In the last 12 years, more than 500 wildlife traffickers, mostly ivory traffickers, have been arrested and convicted thanks to the partnership between Conservation Justice and the Gabonese authorities.