Hunting wildlife traffickers - passion and activism in conservation | Ofir Drori | TEDxEde

The animal that transformed me is a baby chimpanzee I had rescued from a trafficker and became a father and mother to. I was an adventurer turned into an activist, spending years in the most remote areas of the African bush living with isolated tribes crossing thousands of kilometers on foot, with my camel, horse, canoe and so on. On the way I have been an educator, photographer, volunteer in humanitarian operations and a journalist.

Animals have the power transform us, they touch our hearts, they light passion in us, passion that can move us to action, it has the power to make us better human beings.

Ofir Drori is an activist at the forefront of the wildlife extinction crisis. In the African forests his group EAGLE hunts down wildlife traffickers, and fights corruption to ensure they stay behind bars. Ofir connects the audience with his passion to nature and calls others to join the fight.

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