1st EAGLE arrest in Ivory Coast - FR 24

The 10th replication of the EAGLE Network kicked off by a crackdown on ivory and leopard skin traffickers. In 3 operations 3 traffickers were arrested with 400 pieces of carved ivory, 40 kg of raw ivory, 7 leopard skins and other contraband. In first two back to back operations 2 major traffickers were arrested, one with 6 tusks, weighting 40 kg and 7 leopard skins, the other one with 165 carved ivory pieces on the same day few hours later. Third trafficker tried to escape the arrest but was captured two days later in the house of his parents with 235 carved pieces of ivory, a crocodile skin and several python skins. All three of them have been involved in an international network, trafficking ivory across the borders of the sub-region, mainly between Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea. The operations were carried in Abidjan with the Ministry in charge of Wildlife and the UTC - the special unit against transnational organized crime. The WARA director led the operation, the Coordinator of GALF and a legal adviser joined her to support the operation.