Second chimp baby rescued

After arresting the former wildlife head and the CITES authority of Guinea - Ansoumane Doumbouya in August this year, Guinean authorities made another important step in fighting ape trafficking and at the same time improving the country´s reputation as an international hub in the illegal trade in chimpanzees and other animals.

During three operations within few days 4 traffickers were arrested and 2 baby chimps rescued. The first 2 traffickers were arrested with a baby chimpanzee as they tried to sell her in a hotel. The one and half year old female was malnourished after suffering one month of abuse by the traffickers. An accomplice of the traffickers was arrested in the evening of the same day. Another significant ape trafficker, who was playing a major role in large ape trafficking network in the region of Boke, was arrested two days later at his home in the evening in the presence of deputy public prosecutor, who contained the trafficker’s resistance to the arrest. The 4 months old male chimp named Kanda was in very poor condition and he was literary rescued at the last minute.

This tiny baby is going as well for lifetime care in the Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzes managed by Christelle Colin