Arresting 6 and releasing almost one thousand

A significant parrot’s trafficker arrested in Dakar! Last Friday, after 12 months of investigation, a major trafficker in African wild parrots was arrested in Dakar during an operation of the Police, the Ministry of Water and Forest and SALF / WARA.

He was arrested with five other persons during an attempt to sell Timneh Grey Parrots, a critically endangered species; he also held CITES permits for these parrots from Mali. Besides illegal trade with protected species he is also accused of forgery, he was involved in an extensive international network with well developed sophisticated methods of trafficking.

An impressive amount of birds of all species was discovered in his facilities, 109 Timneh Grey Parrots, 600 rose-ringed parakeet, 80 Senegal parrots and manyother species were seized. With support from World Parrots Trust, the birds will be rehabilitated and released into the wild soon.