A trafficker arrested with Mona Monkey

After an intensive investigation a wildlife trafficker has been arrested trying to sell a live protected Mona Monkey, 5 mandrills skulls and other contraband.

The operation was carried out by wildlife officials and LAGA. The trafficker, who is also a sport hunting guide, often activated hunter groups in the area of North West Cameroon, arrived to Kumbo, where he took a room in a hotel, and tried to hide the monkey there. But being already followed by LAGA, he was immediately arrested red handed with the contraband.

He is a notorious trafficker well known in those parts of the country and preliminary investigations point to a disturbing fact that he was colliding With some wildlife officials who may have been covering his activity. His illegal business also extended to Nigeria and equally cover the ivory trade.

The trafficker is now behind the bars waiting for trial, facing up to 3 years imprisonment.