A baby chimp rescued and a trafficker arrested.

A baby chimp rescued and a trafficker arrested. A high risk, nerve-racking cross river operation as courage and initiative saved our investigator and a baby chimp from the hands of a trafficker . He traveled dozens of kilometres to the banks of the Sanaga River (the longest in Cameroon) and camped there holding our investigator captive, refusing to cross over from the wild and lawless side of the river. It needed the tremendous courage and initiative of Serge (Head of Operation) to cross the river on a canoe and confront the trafficker saving our investigator from possible kidnap or harm. The arresting team would storm in later to take the chimp and trafficker to the safer side of the river. As the team, wildlife officer and the authorities got to the station and prepared for interrogation, the criminal suddenly made a run into the bush attempting to escape. Gilbert and Serge run after him in a hot chase till Gilbert jumped on him and he was captured. Gilbert hurt his arm in the process, undergoing treatment now.

The baby chimp, a survivor of the slaughter of his family, was smuggled in a tiny closed box, and was pulled out frightened and stressed. Anna gave him his first attention and love and got him to open up and feel safety.