A baby chimp rescued and 4 traffickers arrested

A baby chimp rescued and 3 traffickers and an accomplice arrested! Serge led the team and his initiative saved the operation at the last hour when it was thought to have failed and chimp lost forever in the trade. Aime, Loveline and Anna were all fighting for this to succeed. The baby chimp relaxed after a traumatic day closed in a small box with metal net, as Anna took care of the baby in her motel room for the night. The Limbe Wildlife Centre came the day after to take the baby for veterinary treatment and lifetime care.

The night after we got the terrible news that the baby chimp rescued has died. We were all shocked and some of us broken, especially Anna that took care of the chimp the whole night. The shock was great as the baby chimp was strong and playful the night after the rescue. The Limbe Wildlife Centre said that she got into a coma state and later died.