5 traffickers arrested with 45kg pangolin scales

5 traffickers arrested with 45kg pangolin scales. Great work of LAGA's team - Serge, Aime, Loveline and Anna with the authorities. After the arrest, in the Wildlife station the traffickers started to become violent as other friends surrounded the station. With complicity of a wildlife official, an accomplice agitator managed to facilitate the escape of one the traffickers under the pretext of taking him to the toilets. Amidst the violence Serge managed to catch the facilitator of the escape to bring him to justice. All the five are in jail and the 6th will be arrested when captured.

The team demonstrated courage in violent situation surrounded by agitators outside throughout the arrest day. The agitator accomplice facilitating the escape was supposed to get married this weekend. The two families argued outside the court as he was transported to prison.