3 cybercriminals were arrested

3 cybercriminals were arrested after advertising for sale two lion cubs and two cheetah cubs through the internet. After months of collaborative efforts and days of patience in Douala waiting for the cybercriminals to make a move, LAGA, the team of wildlife officials and the police carried out the operation at the last day of January. The first two criminals were arrested in bank trying to get the money for their transactions, the third one, the boss of the whole group, was arrested soon afterwards. This was not the first attempt by the three who are all family members: two brothers are law students at the University and a cousin of theirs who is an accountant and the boss of the gang. They had used forged CITES permits with a fake signatures of the wildlife minister among other forged documents. Though they are most likely scammers, since the profit from the illegal trade exceeds the one from scamming, this is established as a gateway to real illegal trade.