2 parrot traffickers arrested

2 parrot traffickers arrested with 3 African Grey Parrots and 6 Rose-ringed parakeets. One of them is a major dealer, a member of one of the most important international bird trafficking networks in the country and has spent 3 years evading justice. He is responsible for hundreds of birds exported illegally. The first trafficker was arrested selling 2 African grey parrots and 4 Rose-ringed parakeets at a roadside in the capital city. The owner of the parrots and parakeets was arrested one hour later at his residence with one additional African grey parrot and 2 Rose-ringed parakeets. After they were arrested for the first time a corrupt Commander decided to release them, completely against any procedure but they were rearrested following LAGA’s intervention. The rearrests turned out to be very difficult as they were hiding. One of them attempted to flee but was chased and captured. They ended behind bars awaiting trial.