2 bird traffickers arrested, 300 grey parrots rescued

LAGA Cameroon had an excellent operation - a Ghanian arrested with around 300 African gray parrots! He has admitted export. Another accomplice was also arrested with the Ghanaian.
Great work of Serge, Aime and the rest of the LAGA team in a nice gift for Ofir's visit in Cameroon.

The African Grey Parrot is a very clever bird capable of learning and speaking 600 words therefore in high demand as a pet. But it's also a bird that is used to freedom and roaming the rainforests in large flocks. After watching them
In nature, you can understand the tragedy of keeping one alone and in a small cage.

The illegal trade in African gray parrots has always been a well organized transnational crime with high complicity. The UN CITES convention recently accorded this bird the highest level of protection due to the intense illegal trade endangering it.