Josias Sipehouo

Since my earliest childhood I always had an urge to help others, sometimes even when it went against my own interest. Therefore after my bachelor's degree, I enrolled in law school so I the knowledge and skills to service the oppressed.
I always loved nature so later I decided to focus on environmental protection. This brought me to join LAGA, where I worked as a replication coordinator. Later I created an association for environmental governance, I conducted surveys related to the evaluation of the index perception of corruption in the forest and wildlife sector in Cameroon, I led workshops on behalf of the World Bank. The workshops focused on understanding poaching dynamics in poaching centers in Cameroon. In July 2018 I have been selected to be a Coordinator of the new EAGLE project – EAGLE Burkina Faso.

I am convinced that unjust bleeding of wild animals calls me to help. And I am committed.