Josea S. Dossou-Bodjrenou

A graduate of the Higher Technical Studies in Animal Production and Health, Josea is a naturalist and veterinarian with varied specialized professional experience in Museology, Aquariology, Taxidermy and Osteology. He is Chairman of non-governmental organization Nature Tropicale, and since 1995 he has served as Director of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Cotonou.
NGO Nature Tropicale specializes in environmental education of wide public and scientific research on biodiversity. Josea coordinates many specialized programs on the preservation of endangered species (sea turtles, whales and manatees in Africa) and the sacred forest and aquatic ecosystems in Benin; the development of ecotourism in wetlands of southern Benin and especially whale ecotourism (whale watching). Nature Tropicale provides a leading role in these areas in West Africa. It supports local communities in their struggle for poverty reduction; demystification, development and promotion of solar energy for poor people. He is also involved in the fight against pollution caused by disposable batteries in wetlands; the training of young environmentalists leaders on the endogenous nature conservation through the Cultural Biodiversity and Climate Change Program; the fight against deforestation and ivory trafficking, production and distribution of professional audiovisual documentary on biodiversity in Benin in the West African sub-region and in the world.