Carlos Bustamante, a Spanish wildlife criminal, arrested

Carlos Bustamante, a Spanish wildlife criminal, arrested. He had illegally rented a hunting reserve in a remote area, abounding in wildlife, where he had organized hunting expeditions for trophy hunters from all around the world, with no respect to any rules, for years. The hunting reserve was established with complicity and corruption of some officers, well hidden from the spotlight of the higher authorities, who did not even know that it existed. He and his clients were repeatedly hunting elephants, bongos, hippos, leopards and other species, fully protected by Guinean law, sometimes even using cruel methods, like bows and arrows. The operation started by arresting his accomplice with guns and wildlife trophies. Based on this evidence an arrest warrant was issued and Carlos was arrested in his house. The investigation revealed his illegal possession of guns and his involvement in drugs trafficking. Charlotte, Saidou and their GALF team did a great work on this case and fight to keep these people behind bars.