Saidou Barry

Saidou was appointed the coordinator of EAGLE Guinea in March 2015. Before then he served for three years as an assistant coordinator, working together with Charlotte Houpline, the director of EAGLE Guinea and WARA, the NGO, executing the EAGLE Network project in Guinea a Senegal.

"For several years I have had the chance to travel through the protected areas of Guinea while working on a pan-African inventory of apes. The conclusion is very bitter: wildlife is disappearing everywhere. I realized that it was the poaching and habitat destruction, going hand in hand with the lack of attention of the authorities. In fact, trafficking has considerable weight, it is a complex phenomenon and it is organized at national and international level, supported by corruption at all levels. All that undermines conservation efforts of various NGOs, who fail to stop the extinction of endangered victims of trafficking, as the most important effort has to be focused on the wildlife law enforcement. The battle I have been leading since mid-2012 with EAGLE Guinea is a personal conviction, motivated by a desire to make a change in my country, that beats records of instability, impunity and corruption."