PALF team saved a baby chimp on Christmas

PALF team was fighting hard and saved a baby chimp, which was held in North-East of the country illegally. The authorities were hesitating as they first thought that the baby was already dead, but being pushed by the PALF Coordinator then finally seized the baby, who was in a critical condition, suffering from fever and dehydration. However, nobody was arrested and prosecuted as the owner voluntary surrendered himself to authorities. The little female, named Perrine after PALF Coordinator, was then transported to Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre, run by Jane Goodall Institute. The dedicated sanctuary director Rebeca Atencia  interrupted her holiday in Europe and returned to Congo to continue the fight for the life of the baby, who  had to receive intense veterinary care including blood transfusion and artificial nutrition. After three weeks she finally started feeding by herself and hopefully won the fight for life.  This is the second chimpanzee baby seized in this area in four months.