4 human bones traffickers arrested with a human body

4 human bones traffickers arrested with a human body in a sack that they attempted to sell. During investigations into wildlife trafficking in the West of the country, leads were found into human bones trafficking, which resulted in the arrest of 3 traffickers with an almost complete human skeleton that still had dried up flesh on the bones and a human skull with hair on it. The fourth trafficker was arrested shortly after. They  belong to a larger network specializing in trafficking human bones. They had connections to other countries of the sub region and seemed to be able to supply dozens of human bodies. Some would dig out the corpses from their graves while others tackle the trafficking side of their illegal business.  One of the traffickers in the network was a wildlife trafficker who now deals in human bones trafficking. Often investigations of wildlife traffickers lead to other connected crimes and when it does we have to act. Human body parts and some wildlife species are in high demand in Central Africa sub region to be used by occultists who believe they have supernatural powers. The arrest was covered by many national media including 3 TV channels.