The right hand of the Vietnamese head arrested

The right hand of the Vietnamese head now finally arrested !
Here is the update from Rens:  Meet Moussa, the right hand of Tran Van Tu, who was arrested in January for the export of ivory hidden in wood to Asia. Moussa was the one delivering the ivory and only for two containers seized in Vietnam and Cambodia this was already more than 1.5 tons of ivory! At the time of the arrest of the Vietnamese, Moussa was in Burkina Faso and we even delayed the arrest of the Vietnamese because of this guy. But he never came back. After all the arrests in January we thought he would never come back. But he did! Probably because he felt protected by his connections in San Pedro, he went back there. Because of the same corruption Privat went alone to San Pedro, with two agents of the UCT, to start discretely verifying Moussa’s presence without informing local authorities. After 48 hours of around the clock surveillance, Moussa was arrested in an operation led by UCT and Privat with the help of local gendarmerie. They just left for the long night back to Abidjan, with Moussa:)