EAGLE Briefings 2019

eagle-briefing-march-2019-public.pdf, 685.51 KB
  • 12 wildlife traffickers arrested in 5 countries
  • International criminal syndicate crashed in Cameroon, 4traffickers arrested with 73 ivory tusks and 1.7 tons of pangolin scales
  • A Chinese trafficker arrested with ivory in Senegal, 3 Senegalese traffickers arrested in follow up with 391 carved ivory pieces
  • 2 ivory traffickers arrested with 3 elephant tusks in Gabon
  • 2 traffickers arrested in Togo with 9 kg of ivory
  • An ivory trafficker arrested with two carved tusks in Côte d’Ivoire
  • LAGA signed a Collaboration Convention with Customs in Fighting Transboundary Crime. A breakthrough in establishing formal relations with Customs for the EAGLE Network
eagle-briefing-february-2019-public.pdf, 694.93 KB
  • 27 wildlife traffickers arrested in 4 countries
  • 14 ivory traffickers arrested in Congo in 3 operations
  • 3 Senegalese ivory traffickers arrested with 2 tusks in Gabon
  • 6 leopard skin traffickers arrested in Gabon in two operations
  • 2 traffickers arrested with 42kg pangolin scales in Cameroon
  • 2 traffickers arrested with a leopard skin and 3 crocodile skins in Benin
eagle-briefing-january-2019-public.pdf, 588.96 KB
  • 13 wildlife traffickers arrested in 4 countries
  • A notorious trafficker arrested with a lion skin and two leopard skins and many more skins. After being on the radar for 1.5 years, Abdoulaye Sanogo has finally been arrested. He is also an imam well known in his community.
  • 2 traffickers arrested and baby chimp rescued in Cameroon
  • 3 traffickers arrested with 9 tusks of very young elephants in Congo
  • 6 pangolin scales traffickers arrested in two operations in Cameroon
  • 2 traffickers arrested with 4 tusks in Gabon