EAGLE Briefings 2018

eagle-briefing-february-2018-public.pdf, 585.15 KB
  • 3 traffickers arrested in Congo with 4 tusks
  • A trafficker arrested in Cameroon with 40 kg of pangolin scales and other contraband
  • 2 traffickers arrested with two skins of lion heads, one of a leopard and several other skin parts in Senegal
  • The coordinators and assistant coordinators from 8 French speaking countries participated at a 5-day training on leadership and management in Ghana
eagle-briefing-january-2018-public.pdf, 866.87 KB
  • 31 wildlife traffickers arrested in 6 countries
  • A major crackdown on an international ivory trafficking network. The leader, a Vietnamese national, was arrested with five other members of his network, a criminal syndicate that has been operating for years in at least seven different countries The arrest led to the confiscation of 478 kg ivory, over half a ton of pangolin scales, four illegal handguns, leopard parts, 7 cutting and carving machines and more contraband. The syndicate was also involved in money laundering and human trafficking to China.
  • A baby chimp rescued and 3 wildlife traffickers arrested with 80 kg pangolin scales in Cameroon
  • 6 traffickers arrested with 15 tusks in Congo and ivory trafficking ring crushed
  • 11 ivory traffickers arrested in Gabon in 4 operations, including one for corruption after he attempted to bribe officials
  • 4 elephant and hippo ivory traffickers arrested in Uganda in two operations