EAGLE Briefings 2018

eagle-briefing-may-2018-public.pdf, 480.35 KB
  • 22 wildlife traffickers arrested in 3 countries
  • 13 ivory traffickers arrested in 4 operations in Gabon including a corrupt gendarme
  • 5 ivory traffickers arrested in Cameroon in two operations
  • 3 pangolin scales traffickers arrested in Cameroon
  • 3 ivory traffickers, arrested in Congo, were sentenced to 3 years in jail
  • A Chinese trafficker, arrested with 513 kg of pangolin scales in Benin, was sentenced to 3 years in jail
eagle-briefing-april-2018-public.pdf, 574.3 KB
  • 12 wildlife traffickers arrested in 4 countries
  • A trafficker arrested in Cameroon with two live young mandrills
  • 3 ivory traffickers arrested with 8 ivory tusks in Congo
  • They were sentenced to jail, one of them for 3 years, the two others for 2 years in prison
  • 4 traffickers arrested in Gabon with 6 ivory tusks
  • 2 leopard skin traffickers arrested in Guinea, one of them a corrupt government official, the conservator of Tinkisso protected area
  • A trafficker arrested with 22 python skins in Guinea
eagle-briefing-march-2018-public.pdf, 619.68 KB
  • 16 traffickers arrested in 6 countries this month
  • Moussa Ouedraogo arrested, the right hand of Tran Van Tu, the kingpin arrested in January in Ivory Coast for the trafficking of ivory concealed in timber to Asia. Moussa was the one delivering tons of ivory in containers.
  • 5 ivory traffickers arrested in Cameroon in two operations
  • 5 ivory traffickers arrested in Gabon, one of them repeat offender released from jail
  • 2 ivory traffickers arrested in Congo with 3 tusks
  • 2 traffickers arrested in Senegal, one with a leopard skin, the other one with 41 sea turtle shells
  • The Ivorian Minister of Water and Forestry signed the Memorandum of Understanding with EAGLE Ivory Coast.
eagle-briefing-february-2018-public.pdf, 585.15 KB
  • 3 traffickers arrested in Congo with 4 tusks
  • A trafficker arrested in Cameroon with 40 kg of pangolin scales and other contraband
  • 2 traffickers arrested with two skins of lion heads, one of a leopard and several other skin parts in Senegal
  • The coordinators and assistant coordinators from 8 French speaking countries participated at a 5-day training on leadership and management in Ghana
eagle-briefing-january-2018-public.pdf, 866.87 KB
  • 31 wildlife traffickers arrested in 6 countries
  • A major crackdown on an international ivory trafficking network. The leader, a Vietnamese national, was arrested with five other members of his network, a criminal syndicate that has been operating for years in at least seven different countries The arrest led to the confiscation of 478 kg ivory, over half a ton of pangolin scales, four illegal handguns, leopard parts, 7 cutting and carving machines and more contraband. The syndicate was also involved in money laundering and human trafficking to China.
  • A baby chimp rescued and 3 wildlife traffickers arrested with 80 kg pangolin scales in Cameroon
  • 6 traffickers arrested with 15 tusks in Congo and ivory trafficking ring crushed
  • 11 ivory traffickers arrested in Gabon in 4 operations, including one for corruption after he attempted to bribe officials
  • 4 elephant and hippo ivory traffickers arrested in Uganda in two operations