EAGLE Briefings 2017

eagle-briefing-march-03-2017-public.pdf, 897.6 KB
  • 65 wildlife traffickers arrested in 8 countries – a record breaking for the EAGLE Network
  • Abdoul Salam Sidibé, a major ape trafficker, has been arrested in Guinea in a continued crackdown on one of the biggest ape trafficking family in Africa.
  • 4 traffickers arrested in the biggest crocodiles operation in Senegal, 558 skins seized.
  • 36 traffickers were arrested in Uganda, 3 of them corrupt officials from army, police and prison authorities.
  • 11 traffickers arrested in Gabon
  • 6 ivory traffickers arrested with 14 kg of ivory in Benin
  • 2 ivory traffickers arrested with 11 tusks in Congo
  • 2 traffickers arrested with 218 African Grey Parrots in Cameroon
eagle-briefing-february-02-2017-public.pdf, 598.52 KB
  • 23 wildlife criminals arrested in 4 countries
  • 1.3 tons of ivory seized and 3 traffickers arrested in a crackdown on a West African criminal syndicate in Uganda, dealing in multi millions dollars illicit profits with connection to other major criminal syndicates in Africa and supplying rhino horns and ivory to the biggest wildlife criminal syndicates known worldwide
  • One of the biggest ape traffickers in the continent arrested in Guinea. His empire developed over more than 30 years of trafficking as members of the family were spread across the continent creating a vast and effective criminal network.
eagle-briefing-january-01-2017-public.pdf, 860.35 KB
  • 27 wildlife traffickers arrested in 6 countries
  • 2 Chinese arrested and 5.4 tons of pangolin scales seized in Cameroon, largest of its kind in Central Africa history
  • 2 Spanish traffickers arrested at airport with 500 concealed birds in Senegal
  • 3 ivory traffickers arrested with 12 kg of ivory in Congo
  • 11 wildlife traffickers arrested in 6 operations in Uganda